What to Expect when You Decide to Get Divorced in Miami, Florida

Most people contact an Attorney and have no idea how to start their divorce proceedings. They contact an Attorney and are typically emotionally distraught and need guidance and support in order to proceed.

Most Attorneys do not understand the trauma tic and psychological strain that their potential client is undergoing.

After trying to get your client to calm down, it is important to get them to understand that this is a process which they can get through by being organized and trying to treat their case in business-like manner.

Children are the most important aspect of any divorce and it is critical to try to keep the minor child or children from being drawn into the proceedings. The length of the marriage is the next relevant factor which plays a role in a divorce. Attorneys handle short marriages differently than longer marriages, because long-term marriages may involve issues with Alimony and Retirement plans that likely don’t exist in a short-term marriage.

The client needs to get together their income documentation, such as W-2’s, Pay stubs, and Income Tax Returns.

It is important to find out also whether or not the parties are separated or not and for how long. It is necessary to determine what the Timesharing and Child Support arrangements have been from the time of the separation. A client may be advised to alter or adjust the Timesharing or Child Support as well.

Domestic Violence, substance abuse, and child abuse do not exist, but are definitely relevant information for the Attorney to know when proceeding in the case. It is a priority in a Divorce proceeding to determine first whether any emergencies exist. Is there Domestic Violence? Is one party seeking to remove a child from the jurisdiction? Has one parent or party been rendered homeless or without any means of support? If no Emergency Motions or Pleadings are necessary at the commencement of the case.

When contacting your Attorney, remain calm, because most Family Law Attorneys have handled many cases with facts similar to yours.

There are only a limited number of factual situations that an experienced Family Law Attorney may not have seen, so even though you believe your case is complicated the laws of the State of Florida are relatively straight forward and most divorces end amicably through settlement rather than a Trial.

Be honest with your Attorney and let them know everything, because even if there are facts which may not seem relevant informing your lawyer is better than keeping them in the dark.

A divorce is a partnership between a lawyer and a client. There must be trust and sharing between an Attorney and client. The client brings the relevant facts and evidence to his or her Attorney and the Attorney is responsible for advising the client, so they know what to expect and anticipate through-out the process.

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