What do you need to bring your Lawyer to prepare for your Divorce in Florida?

Most people become extremely stressed out when they finally conclude that it is necessary to get a divorce from their Husband or Wife. During this time, it is hard enough to think and catch your breath in order to know what your next step is.

There are some basic documents that an Attorney needs to properly evaluate your case and to get you prepared for the next stage of your life.

First, there most be documents that establish your residence in the State of Florida. Florida has a six month residency requirement, so for the Court to take jurisdiction some type of picture identification such as a Driver's License is preferable.

Residency can also be established through a witness who is a Florida Residence.

Your marriage certificate is important, so that your lawyer can establish the length of your marriage; he also needs to know if you are separated.

The Deed to your home is relevant to determine if your home was purchased during the marriage. The mortgage documents will reflect whether there is equity or not. It may be necessary to get an appraisal of the home, but not initially.

Income Tax Returns are important if they are joint, individual, or Corporate. These documents reflect income, assets, and liabilities.

W-2's, 1099's, and pay checks are important to determine the incomes of both parties. Incomes are important to determine Child Support, Alimony, and Attorney's Fees. Provide your Attorney with documentation regarding Health, Dental, and Life Insurance if it exists. You need to know who is covered, the cost, and who provides the coverage.

Is there a Day Care cost? If so, provide proof of this cost as well as the name and location of the Day Care. If you have any other cases that occurred previously. Was there a child support case done at the Offices of Child Support Division or any Domestic Violence or Juvenile Dependency cases. These other cases may have relevant information to the issues of Timesharing and Child Support. All Bank Accounts, Annuities, Trusts or other liquid assets may be subject to equitable distribution. Provide information regarding any Pensions or Retirements or Stock Sharing plans either in your name or the name of your spouse. If you are interested in proceeding with your divorce in the State of Florida please contact Kenneth M. Kaplan, Esquire at 305-666-9797 or 305-666-9766 to discuss your rights and how to proceed with your case.