Unsealing Adoptions

An Adoption is a confidential proceeding and once an Adoption has been finalized the Adoption file is sealed.

A legal process is necessary to unseal an Adoption in the State of Florida and a Petition must be filed to accomplish this task.

Information concerning the person who was adopted as well as the birth parents should be provided along with information concerning the Adoptive Parents.

It is important to provide a copy of the Birth Certificate to the Court.

You must also provide the Courts with at least the year of the Adoption or if a case number is available this would be beneficial.

The ultimate decision to Unseal the Adoption lies with the Judge assigned to the case after it is filed.

A reason to unseal the Adoption is important and most people can argue that a Medical History is necessary to know if someone has a medical problem.

Changes in the laws regarding renewal of Drivers licenses in the State of Florida may also require many individuals to start this process who wouldn’t have needed to do so in the past.

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