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You've ever seen those attorneys in movies where they are fierce, manage to be equipped with the most formal counters, yet professional and very well respected? Those lines are rehearsed so many times and of course thats just in movies... until I hired Mr. Kaplan...

He taught me something very valuable I thought I already knew until I saw it in action. Although you may be feeling despaired, there is a time of when to make your move. Mr. Kaplan has been doing this for so long, he knows when that time is, what would happen and what he's looking for. Emotions do nothing in this system so save the stress and your energy. You can rest assured with Mr. Kaplan as your guide.

I was a novice that walked into a room with character buffs and an over powered weapon. Of course, I didnt know what I had.. but when he tells you to do something, just DO IT. He was right every time. Strong critical thinking skills and he knows how to operate this machine of a system and its components. In gaming language, he is "broken". He is very kind and lovely to talk to! But if you're against him, you'll wish you hadn't underestimated him.

With him, the court room is not scary at all.

- Lin F.

After interviewing a number of family law attorneys, I discovered Ken Kaplan through a mutual friend, who had given him rave reviews. In this area of law I am somewhat cynical, so I was very pleasantly surprised by my experience with him. He was very professional, experienced, knowledgeable and accessible. His fees were very reasonable, especially when I compared to them to what other attorneys were charging for similar services. In short, I would strongly recommend Ken Kaplan to anyone looking for help in the area of family law as he certainly surpassed my expectations.

- Michael S.

Very professional and clear and prompt! And most importantly the ability to find a common language with the client! We came on the recommendation !!! And very satisfied! Were two lawyers but no one could hear what my husband wants, but here we felt confidence and professionalism! Thank you for your knowledge! despite the fact that my native language is Russian, this did not put us at all to our cooperation!

- Natalya A.

Ken helped me through a long and difficult custody case going on 2 years and was great. He's been readily available and helpful throughout and at all hours to make sure I was taken care of. I would recommend Ken without hesitation.

- Joel R.

A long overdue review.

To Kenneth M. Kaplan Esquire,

I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite an upsetting process, but you handled it like a pro! I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and restored everything out for me. Your knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries and ultimately, won the case!


To the Readers,

If you ever need a,
Family Law Attorney that knows the law,
Knows the Florida Statutes well
Returns calls and texts you back promptly; and
It's respected by other Attorney's and Judges;
Has strong family and Faith values, then you need to call
Kenneth M. Kaplan. He's the whole package!


- Marlene L.

As you may know divorce can be a very hard process. I hired Mr. Kaplan because from our first meeting I found him to be sharp, ethical and extremely smart. Mr. Kaplan has assisted me with a payment schedule to ensure that I don't go without proper legal representation. He has been instrumental in my case and I truly thankful I retained his services.

- Y C.

I would like to recommend my attorney's, Mr. Kenneth Kaplan, excellent services to anyone looking to represented for a child support or divorce matter. He can definitely be counted on. Very trustworthy and knowledgeable. He finds solutions to problems that seem can't be solved.

- Ileana

9/1/17 was one of the best days of my life! Mr. Kenneth Kaplan did an awesome job on my case.I would recommend him to anyone who needs a family law attorney. He's always there when I had a question, concern or needed reassurance. I was able to call, email or text him and he promptly responded. I told him my financial situation and he still worked with me. He cares more about his clients than the money. Evelyn, Nancy & Virginia, his assistants were awesome. I'm extremely satisfied with his professionalism and knowledge to help me get what I wanted for this case.

- Anonymous

Ken Kaplan is the kind of attorney you want when dealing with a difficult divorce, and would be equally effective at less contentious divorces and custody situations. My abusive spouse has dedicated significant resources to attempt to financially drain me, and further harass me, using the family court system. Ken has minimized the stress that leaving any marriage, let alone a marriage to an abuser that involves a minor child, can cause. As well, he has kept cost down to a minimum, despite the excessive motions filed multiple times a week in my case by opposing counsel. The other attorney seems bent on just running up legal fees filing motions with no real merit. Ken effectively deals with each situation, deftly discrediting the other attorneys motions, and does so at a minimum of stress and cost to me.

Additionally, I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing many lawyers in action, because of this abusive spouse and his crimes resulting in a trial with convictions, and now family court. Ken is particularly effective in court! He confidently argues a case better than the other attorneys. This is truly essential, because writing motions won't matter much if the attorney gets into court and can't argue a case well. I have watched Ken repeatedly discredit the arguments of the opposing attorney in my divorce. Watching the other attorney bumble, start testifying himself, and otherwise become flustered during his arguments when faced with the concise, compelling, and effective arguments of Ken assured me that I was in good legal hands with an experienced attorney.

- Catherine J.

Mr. Kaplan handled the adoption process of my son very professional. He made the process very easy. He and his staff are great!!!! They helped me through the process in many different ways.

I'm not planning on adopting another kid but I would totally recommend this awesome attorney to my friends or anyone looking for a professional and knowledgeable attorney.

- Martha S.

One of The Best Attorneys Money can buy. I had a tough situation, I hadn't seen my son in over two weeks because the Mother had filed false allegations against me. Ken got me my son back in one hearing, and I couldn't be happier. When the legal going gets tough, get Ken Kaplan on your side, and you will fair well.

- Carlos G.

If you ever need a compassionate, hardworking attorney who believes in doing the right thing for families going through a divorce, but being fair and honest, go with Mr Kaplan, Esq. He is one attorney has always been patient, up front and defending your rights with integrity. Can’t ask for any better, especially one who works so hard as Mr.Kaplan!!! Thank you for taking care of our Service members and Veterans like me!!

- Charles A.

Kenneth is a GENIUS when is comes to Family Law/Court; so much knowledge and experience. By far, my case has been extremely complicated and Ken (and his staff) have been with me the whole way through. I've call/texted Ken after office hours and he always responds. He is very calming, patient and confident which is why I have hired him multiple times to work on my case. Highly recommend his services for Family Law.

- Jose R.