Name Changes Following 9/11

Name Changes

There are many reasons why people seek to change their names. As long as the name change is done for an appropriate reason and no for some ulterior motive then a name change will typically be granted. Some of the reasons a name change will not be granted is if there has been a felony conviction and the petitioner is attempting conceal their identity. Additionally, a name change may not be entered when people are trying to avoid creditors in or have filed bankruptcy. A name change can conceal a person’s identity and therefore it is important that there is no negative or dishonest motivation used in order to change an individuals identity.

Following the unfortunate terrorist attack on 9/11 there are new measures which have been put into place so that terrorists are not allowed to obtain fake identification in this country. It is now a requirement that in all petitions for Name Change that people are finger-printed and a background check is necessary to secure the identities of all individuals who seek to have their names changed.

A name change involves the filing of a petition for Name Change filed in the Circuit Court where the petitioner resides. If the individual is an adult then this process is an uncontested one.

The petition for Name Change and the filing fee are filed along with the fingerprint card, so that the Court can check and make sure that the person is the one who is filing the pleading, and that there is not criminal background.

The process for a Name Change for a Minor is different than that for an adult. Both parents must consent to the Name Change for a minor. In the event that one of the parents objects to the Name Change, then the Name Change will be denied.

If one of the parent cannot be located, then the publication of the Name Change can be done and a Default Judgment entered which will allow the petitioning parent to proceed to a final hearing on an uncontested uearing.

When a Name Change is granted a Certified Copy of the Final Judgment for Name Change can be provided to Office of Vital Statistics so that a new Birth Certificate can e entered with the new information about the parents new name.