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I Need to Lower My Child Support in Miami, Florida

When men and sometimes women either lose their job or get a pay cut they immediately worry about how they will pay their child support.

Failure to pay child support may result in an individual being held in Contempt of Court. Under Florida Law, if a person has a Court Order and fails to pay, there are serious risks. Your Driver's License can be suspended, your Passport invalidated, your Bank Account can be levied, and going to jail is a serious risk.

It is critical to File a Petition for Modification to first make the Court aware that your circumstances have changed and you are seeking a reduction. Each persons' circumstances are unique, but without filing a Petition you will be on the defensive as it relates to your ability or inability to comply with the Court Order.

Most Judges in Miami, Florida, will hear Motions for Contempt and Petitions for Modification at the same time. This allows them to weigh the evidence on both issues and allows you to tell your side of the story.

If you have lost your job or had a decrease in earnings or received a Notice from the State of Florida that either your License will be suspended, your bank account levied or suspension of Passport Services, you need to seek an Attorney immediately. These letters have time sensitive responses and failure to respond timely will result in more serious problems.

The Law Offices of Kenneth M. Kaplan, Esquire, has been in business for twenty-five years and we are familiar with how to protect you when your financial situation becomes worse and you need help.

Our office will work with you with flexible Payment Plans if necessary to assist you on a timely basis.

Please contact the Law Offices of Kenneth M. Kaplan, Esquire in Miami, Florida at 305-666-9797 or 305-666-9766 to schedule an Appointment.

Client Reviews
If you ever need a compassionate, hardworking attorney who believes in doing the right thing for families going through a divorce, but being fair and honest, go with Mr Kaplan, Esq. He is one attorney has always been patient, up front and defending your rights with integrity. Can’t ask for any better, especially one who works so hard as Mr.Kaplan!!! Thank you for taking care of our Service members and Veterans like me!! Charles
I would like to recommend my attorney's, Mr. Kenneth Kaplan, excellent services to anyone looking to represented for a child support or divorce matter. He can definitely be counted on. Very trustworthy and knowledgeable. He finds solutions to problems that seem can't be solved. Ileana
9/1/17 was one of the best days of my life! Mr. Kenneth Kaplan did an awesome job on my case.I would recommend him to anyone who needs a family law attorney. He's always there when I had a question, concern or needed reassurance. I was able to call, email or text him and he promptly responded. I told him my financial situation and he still worked with me. He cares more about his clients than the money. Evelyn, Nancy & Virginia, his assistants were awesome. I'm extremely satisfied with his professionalism and knowledge to help me get what I wanted for this case. Anonymous