Does it Matter who the opposing Attorney is in a Family law Matter or Divorce in Miami, Florida?

In the event a person is served with Divorce Papers or another Family Law matter it is extremely important to determine who filed the legal documents.

If the Initial Pleading was filed and served in a Divorce Action in Miami or Broward County, a family law matter by a person who is not an Attorney, then the matter was filed by a Pro Se litigant. In this instance, it is to your advantage to have an experienced Divorce Lawyer or Family Law Attorney. Attorneys who practice Family Law in Miami, Florida have an understanding of the law.

Depending upon who the opposing attorney is may have a large impact on the strategy necessary to proceed your case as well as the cost of your Divorce proceeding.

Some Attorneys have a reputation for litigating All issues, doing extensive Discovery, and taking matters to Trial. These Attorneys are litigators who take the approach of fighting until the end and letting the Court ultimately determine the outcome.

When the Opposing Counsel is this type of Attorney you can anticipate spending large sums of money, because your Attorney must defend against excessive and sometimes unnecessary litigation. This may result in your Attorney pursuing both Temporary and Permanent Attorney's Fees on your behalf. Your opponent will get fed up quickly with paying two Attorney's Fees at the same time and this will likely make it easier to resolve your case.

When your Attorney knows or has litigated with the other Attorney previously, it is possible that a great deal of the litigation can be avoided.

Another type of Attorney who represents parents in Family Law matters in Miami is more open to mediate and settle cases. Most Attorneys practicing Family Law in Miami, Florida are aware that most of the laws in the State of Florida are relatively straight-forward and can be settled by an exchange of documents and a good mediator. This process could save the client thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in Attorney's Fees.

Finally, having an Attorney with experience and who has both litigated, mediated, and settled numerous cases is important in your process of selecting an Attorney to represent you.

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