Deadbeat Athletes in Miami

Many professional athletes from around the country maintain their permanent residences in Miami, Florida. Football, Basketball and Baseball players maintain their primary residences In Miami, Florida and this confers jurisdiction on the Courts in Miami, Florida for purposes of collecting child support.

A large number of these athletes have children, even though they are not married to the Mothers. Unfortunately, these athletes do not support their children to the standard of living that they live their lives and some pay little or no child support. These are called Deadbeat Dads.

The Mothers of these children are stereotyped as gold diggers while the Fathers who beat the odds to become professional athletes are seen as role models by the General population.

These perceptions are both inaccurate and untrue in many cases and the minor children are left to suffer the consequences by receiving little or no child support by athletes with multiple children and multiple Mothers. These athletes feel entitled and above the law. The minor children are neglected in many cases both financially and emotionally.

The law in the State of Florida, and including Miami, protects the rights of children. Specifically, the Florida Child Support Guidelines determine child support in Miami, Florida based upon the incomes of the parties, meaning the Mother and the Father.

A Parernity Suit can be filed to establish the Biological and Legal Father of a minor child and children as well as the Father's obligation to provide Financial Support, contribute to medical and dental expenses, and provide Life Insurance on behalf of the child as a beneficiary.

The Courts in the State of Florida and Miami, allow for two yesrs of retroactive child support from the date the case was filed. This allows a Mother to collect child support from a Deadbeat Dad and who has paid little or no child support in Miami, Florida. The Mother would be entitled to possibly thousands of dollars in back support on behalf of the child. Child support commences from the date she files a Law Suit.

Deadbeat Dads are not limited to Father's who are athletes in the State of Florida, particularly Miami, but include many men throughout the country who do not wish or intend to pay child support for their children.

If you are a Mother of a minor child and the Father is a professional athlete in Miami or South Florida and you need an experienced Attorney who fight to collect child support from a Deadbeat Dad, contact Kenneth Mitchell Kaplan, Esquire at 954-260-5479.

He has fought and collected child support from Football, Basketball, and Baseball Pllayers in the past and is extremely experienced in this type of law.