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Crossover Cases Involving Domestic Violence, Criminal Law, Juvenile Dependency, and Family Law

Crossover Cases

Recently, I have seen a trend in cases which I define a crossover cases, because they involve issues which are handled in different jurisdictions within the Court system.

There are multiple different jurisdictions within a Court system, however Circuit Court Judges are assigned only one Division/Jurisdiction at a time.

Some of the Court's different Divisions or Jurisdictions include Family, Criminal, Domestic Violence, juvenile, Civil, Small Claims, and Appeals.

The Courts in both Dade and Broward counties have a division called Unified Family Court which handles cases that have multiple cases within the case from different jurisdictions. These cases are transferred to one Judge to hear the cases together. This avoids conflicting rulings by different Judges in different divisions.

Lawyers typically practice in one area of law and most don't practice in multiple divisions or jurisdictions.

There are few Attorneys such as myself who practice in multiple areas of law in different divisions. If your case involves multiple cases in different jurisdictions, then contact me and I will assist you.

Client Reviews
If you ever need a compassionate, hardworking attorney who believes in doing the right thing for families going through a divorce, but being fair and honest, go with Mr Kaplan, Esq. He is one attorney has always been patient, up front and defending your rights with integrity. Can’t ask for any better, especially one who works so hard as Mr.Kaplan!!! Thank you for taking care of our Service members and Veterans like me!! Charles
I would like to recommend my attorney's, Mr. Kenneth Kaplan, excellent services to anyone looking to represented for a child support or divorce matter. He can definitely be counted on. Very trustworthy and knowledgeable. He finds solutions to problems that seem can't be solved. Ileana
9/1/17 was one of the best days of my life! Mr. Kenneth Kaplan did an awesome job on my case.I would recommend him to anyone who needs a family law attorney. He's always there when I had a question, concern or needed reassurance. I was able to call, email or text him and he promptly responded. I told him my financial situation and he still worked with me. He cares more about his clients than the money. Evelyn, Nancy & Virginia, his assistants were awesome. I'm extremely satisfied with his professionalism and knowledge to help me get what I wanted for this case. Anonymous