Attorney Referrals

Lawyer Referrals in the State of Florida

Finding the right lawyer can sometimes be a confusing and daunting task. Many people are referred to attorneys by their friends who had previously used a particular attorney and were satisfied with the attorney’s representation. This may or may not work out and it is possible that a particular attorney is not skilled or experienced to address the particular issue or field of the law that is the basis of the parties’ problem.

Many attorneys practice in one or two particular areas of law and there are not as many attorneys who perform a general practice. Attorneys with a general practice may not be skilled in any one particular specialty to assist the client with their legal problem. In addition, in large law firms there may be multiple attorneys who practice in multiple fields, but the client is not able to select a particular Attorney to work on their case and they are more likely to be assisted by a newer or lesser experienced attorney.

What is the solution? I have created a list of Attorneys who practice in at least six different areas of Law and I have also tried to break these attorneys down into sub-categories, to refer a client to an appellate attorney for an appeal, however, an appeal might not be as successful if the client needs a Federal Criminal Appellate Attorney. There are so many attorneys, and many who have handled a particular issue in a particular area of law. After practicing twenty-one years in multiple areas of law, I have been referring and finding the right fits for clients who need a particular lawyer for a particular issue. It is easier for an attorney to analyse an issue to determine the best type of attorney and to provide the client with the choices of maybe two or three attorneys who can handle a matter, the client can then meet the different attorneys and make a valued choice based upon experience, personality and cost.

My Lawyer Referral List currently comprises of at least 3-5 attorneys in sixty different areas of law in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. There is no area of laws that I cannot find an attorney to handle and I can research to locate the right attorney based upon the issues involved and the specific needs and characteristics of an attorney who the client is searching for.

If you are a person in need of an Attorney and cannot find the right one, then please contact me and I’ll do the rest.